December 12, 2017

Tapping Your Inner Wolf –

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*Editor’s Note* – If a reader can disregard the psycho-babble B.S. and overlook the humanizing of wolves, one might find an ounce of usable information in this article. Mostly, it’s designed to give the human reader a false impression about how wolves are no different than humans and the WE CAN LEARN A LOT FROM WOLVES.

The alpha male stereotype of the wolf is wrong. He’s all about family.

Source: Tapping Your Inner Wolf –

  • RattlerRider

    How about regaining our inner manhood as Biblically described in Scripture? Tossing aside the Devils nickname for man which is hu-man humoon, his remake of the created man in his own perversion of Heavenly Fathers image.. I don’t require that a mutt teach me to be a human not in touch with the inner man Heavenly father scripturally intended me to be.

  • somsai

    Seems like the writer tagged along with that wolf groupie Rick McIntyre, who could benefit from gainful employment for a change. Not sure if you saw my comment on open thread yesterday but I said what with wolves being the largest source of wolf mortality in Yellowstone, does the writer, a phd ecologist, really want us to emulate that behavior? Murder rates in the entire US are what around 4 or 5 per hundred K, imagine them at a thousand times that rate, as if most dead people were murdered, and then you would have the life a of a wolf. Infanticide? Sure, competing packs kill each others litters of pups. Carl Safina who penned this is a certifiable idiot.

    • RattlerRider

      50+ million abortions in this country isn’t infanticide? The u.s. corporate war machine in world history throughout it’s inception stands alone atop the heap of death delivered to mankind, including it’s brainwashed subjects deaths in delivering death.