September 25, 2022

Feds Play With Their Wolves While Ranchers Suffer Losses

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A livestock slaughtering wolf allowed to kill for 31 days while Feds play games.

Although the federal team had the frequency and had spotted the wolf, they needed to wait to see whether this particular wolf was traveling alone, Jimenez said.

A few years ago, when a wolf was spotted prowling in the Bighorn Mountains, she had a small pack with her that took out more than 100 head of livestock before her pack was killed, Jimenez said.

“Every time wolves have gotten into the Bighorns, it’s been a problem,” Jimenez said. “We do not want wolves in the Bighorns.”

So the delay this time increased the pressure on the ranching community, and stories of the wolf ran like wildfire, he said.

Still the recovery team waited.

Source: Kaycee lone wolf shot by feds