December 2, 2023

Under Water in NYC by 2015

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I thought this photo editorial was appropriate this morning because last evening I happened to stop on the Maine Propaganda Broadcasting Channel and a program was airing about how certain animals got into the United States tens, of thousands of years ago, according to them. During a brief narration that I heard, a statement was made that during a particular ice age, the water in the oceans were so low that it created giant “land bridges” allowing certain animals to migrate to other continents.

Over the years I have had conversations with those who buy into the nonsense of man-caused global warming, and yes, even the crap presented in the photo below. They have, and others still do, make claims that as the earth warms and polar ice caps melt, ocean water levels will rise. I often follow up this claim with the question that if that is true, then when ice masses grow, as we are currently staring at the largest ice mass in the Antarctic at any point in recorded history, water levels must drop. That is ALWAYS followed by a denial, telling me that’s not how it works.

Really? Wiki explains it this way. But let me guess. I will be told that sea levels dropping didn’t occur because of increased amounts of ice but by drought, by earthquakes or perhaps by magical evolution.

I guess it’s always a convenient narrative. When it’s beneficial to claim that New York City will be under water by 2015, such is the case. If it’s a convenient narrative, in order to support theories of the existence of animals on certain continents, then the claim becomes that when it’s cold, sea levels drop and “land bridges” are formed.

My mother used to call that having your cake and eating it too.

But don’t go look!