January 31, 2023

East Millinocket voters reject national park by wide margin

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One day, a neighbor came knocking on the door. “I have a gift for you.” Upon examination of the gift, the people found out it was really nothing they wanted. The gift was pink paint to paint their house. Attempting to be gracious, they nicely explained that they appreciated the gesture, but accepting the gift would present a host of problems for the household. Yet, the gift bearer kept insisting.

Discovering that it appeared the people didn’t want the pink paint, the neighbor went to another town to find people who thought the pink paint would look good on the house anyway. Believing that if enough people who didn’t have to deal with an unwanted “gift” was willing to accept the free paint, the homeowner would just have to learn to like it.

A poor analogy perhaps on my part, but what is so important with the creation of an unwanted national park that Roxanne Quimby is determined to go out of town, or anywhere that it takes, in order to find enough people who want a pink house in the Millinocket, Maine region?

The message has been sent and continues to be sent that, people who live nearest to Quimby’s dreamland national park of nothingness, don’t want the gift. There is nothing there that would lure tourists to see and do. Few, by comparison, visit Baxter State Park. A park beside it becomes nothing more than more trees surrounding one mountain. Give it a rest. Otherwise, this becomes just another example of how a society emboldened in their totalitarian socialism, feels it necessary to force their way of life onto others.

EAST MILLINOCKET, Maine – Residents voted 320-191 against a proposed 150,000-acre North Woods national park in a nonbinding referendum on Monday. The 40 percent of registered voters who participated in Monday’s polling exceeds the 36 percent of r egistered balloters in Medway who rejected the park, 252-102, in a nonbinding […]

Source: East Millinocket voters reject national park by wide margin — Outdoors — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine