December 11, 2023

Moonbattery » Silver Lining to SCOTUS Homosexual Marriage Outrage

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*Editor’s Note* – There’s a couple of issues to touch on lightly for a moment concerning information presented in the article linked to below.

The first is that the idea that the SCOTUS used the 14th Amendment as as the justification for granting Same Sex marriages in all states, and thus should apply to the Second Amendment and make concealed carry equal across all states, is rational thinking – of which cannot be applied to any governmental agency, which includes the SCOTUS. This would imply that rule of law exists, which it does not.

The second issue is that perhaps we are seeing a hint of what’s to come – a warning if you will. I have contended for years that the only element in existence today preventing complete dictatorial rule is that too many Americans own too many guns for the Fascist to operate freely. They will, eventually, win out and try to take our guns away. Eek what a mess that will be.

The mention in the article that perhaps SCOTUS will use the Fourteenth Amendment to repeal the Second Amendment is something to consider. Understand, these fascist pigs will stop at nothing. The law BE DAMNED!

For those lacking understanding of the Fourteenth Amendment, it is time to learn. The Fourteenth Amendment made us all slaves to the Corporation.

Source: Moonbattery » Silver Lining to SCOTUS Homosexual Marriage Outrage