September 22, 2023

Maine bear hunters get ready for season after ban try fails

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*Editor’s Note* – Maine is less than a month away from a time when bear hunters can take to the woods and begin baiting for bear. As the below article states, Maine is coming off another assault from the animal rights perverts’ attempt to ban bear hunting. During the campaign that led up to the referendum vote, it appeared that bear hunters propped up the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, standing behind their efforts to ward off the attack that they claimed would seriously diminish their abilities to control black bear populations.

While most stand firmly behind MDIFW’s work, what kind of a statement is being broadcast, when the department has yet to publish on their website, the results and data of last year’s bear harvest? If the bear hunt, as it now stands, is so vitally important to the management of bears, one has to wonder if the department is too busy pimping for federal grant (extortion) money to count bats and bees, that it neglects the bear harvest report.

Maine’s bear hunters are getting ready for their season after withstanding a pair of challenges to the way they hunt,

Source: Maine bear hunters get ready for season after ban try fails | Concord Monitor