November 25, 2017

A Person’s Thoughts on the Murder of Marines by Terrorism

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*Editor’s Comment* – The thoughts this young woman shares, exemplifies the same thoughts of many other Americans. The statements she makes about what she feels is wrong policy are the thoughts of many other Americans. Does this woman understand that what is happening is all by design? Do you? The intention is to divide and make angry. It’s working. The design is to create enough anger that we will wage war, like the current president is doing, while his fake party tells Americans he is ending the war. Blindness now fueled by anger.

In addition to the division and anger, which leads to hatred, such designed actions, as the one that resulted in the slaughter of U.S. Marines, instills fear in Americans. By design, this fear allows the rulers of dark places, i.e. Congress and the White House, to better control us by the theft of our freedoms. A fearful American citizen is a slave.

The sooner this woman and all Americans take their worshipful eyes off all things Satanic and return them to our real Creator, only then can we live in peace and harmony.

  • RattlerRider

    That’s good because a Person is a corporation and this woman did not write it she just spewed it out for the corporation seeking more endless war, more blood, more hell on earth.. Get behind the cute blond and fight fight fight.. Ra ra ra ra fight fight fight… Maybe they should have her take the dress off while holding onto an M16 with a grenade launcher… The planes into buildings scam has run it’s course. Here comes the nuke on this land by Allah extremists soon.. yeah, that’ll fire up the crowd for some more kill kill kill kill depopulation of all sides endless war.. Gawblesmurka!!