December 12, 2017

Initial Report – Alexandra May Hunter Paris Climate Conference –

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Although many of these people were aware of geoengineering, many were not and this was a successful opportunity to make all of these people aware of and more informed as to the dangers of this “proposed” mitigation technique.

Source: Initial Report – Alexandra May Hunter Paris Climate Conference –

  • RattlerRider

    Apparently the majority of people are ignorant concerning geo engineering.

    How else can those elites orchestrating depopulation measures against mankind remove the numbers of mankind down to the desired target population number of 500 million slaves or less without destroying the resources, property, and themselves via a global nuclear massacre. This way. Through aerosols allegedly for geo engineering climate control..

    Oh but, those large multi national corporate owners would never do such a monstrous thing such as aerosol us to death. no never..

    They’ll just give us machine guns and pit us against one another, fact, they’ll just launch missiles, start wars, and carpet bomb cities. They’ll experiment on two Japanese cities with atomic bombs slaughtering thousands of women and children and unarmed men.. But they’d never spray us with the latest technology, geo engineering..