August 9, 2022

Cecilmania, Madness, Perversion and Hypocrisy

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This is all part of the insanity of the American Society. And what’s worse is nobody realizes what they are doing. After reading the Pope’s Encyclical on Climate Change, it is no wonder the world advocates more compassionately for the welfare of animals over the welfare of people. The Pope blames “human beings” for everything and claims the Bible mandates that we protect animals over the cost of the well-being of Mankind. Sick!

‘What lion?’ Zimbabweans ask, amid global Cecil circus

Gawker reports that Cecil the Lion’s brother was also a lion. Unbelievable isn’t it? Who would have guessed that a brother to a lion would have been another lion. However, the same report states, “…Cecil the lion’s brother Jericho, who is also a lion,” News for the author of this report. A lion is NOT a WHO. It’s an it.
Researcher Disputes CNN’s Report on Death of Cecil the Lion’s Brother

Cecil and Cecile: Humaneness, but Not for the Human

Who’s Really Responsible for the Killing of Zimbabwe’s Lions and Other Wildlife?