December 11, 2023

Cecil, We Hardly Knew Ye….

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According to our sources, the lion, despite being collared, was not protected under that country’s hunting laws. Professional hunters have told us that lions are protected inside the national parks but those same lions, if outside park boundaries are, for lack of a better term, fair game.

It went on to take issue with the “hunting over bait” allegation, responding that while the lion had been killed over an animal, it was a carcass of an elephant that had been dead for some time- not a gut pile placed there for the specific purpose of luring the lion from the park- as was initially alleged by wildlife officials.

Further, the correspondence takes issue with a report that the hunter, landowner and professional hunter tried to destroy the tracking collar. In fact, it says the collar was returned to authorities as is the standard practice when collared animals are taken by hunters . If that’s the case, it wouldn’t seem that anyone involved in the hunt thought they’d broken any game laws.<<<Read More>>>


Earl of Taint