February 3, 2023

Sportsmen’s Alliance Reveals New Logo, Name

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Press Release from Sportsmen’s Alliance:


Every now and then an organization needs a jolt to revitalize its mission and energy. Today’s Sportsmen’s Alliance is more energized and aggressive – both about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it – than at any time since its inception nearly 40 years ago.

“Everyone throughout the organization, from the board of directors down, felt we needed a new look to coincide with the new energy taking place around here, and I think we’ve done just that,” said Brian Lynn, vice president of marketing and communications. “We’ve created an icon that symbolically represents the mission of the Sportsmen’s Alliance, and which gives us an updated and professional look upon which to continue to brand the organizations.”

Working with Gray Loon Marketing Group, the newly designed icon is a tribute to the arrowhead and conveys its power and strength, as well as the role of the Sportsmen’s Alliance as the tip of the industry’s spear in the battle to protect our heritage. “We feel the logo successfully ties together our history, mission and importance to the outdoor lifestyle while maintaining a clean and modern feel,” said Lynn.

The three points of the logo represent hunting, fishing and trapping, where the Sportsmen’s Alliance devotes all of our energy and resources, and the three sides symbolize the realms in which we protect our heritage: in all 50 state legislatures and at the federal level, in the court system and at state ballot boxes. The colors convey a sense of strength, unity and sportsman activities.

As part of the update, the “U.S.” will be dropped from the name of both the Sportsmen’s Alliance and the Foundation. Confusion between the use of the abbreviated U.S. and United States created issues with consistent branding, while the acronym USSA contributed to that conflict and resulted in poor search-engine results online due to several large mainstream organizations using the same abbreviation.

Likewise, the website’s domain name suffered similarly as it didn’t match the name of the organization completely. As part of the rebranding, the domain/URL for the Sportsmen’s Alliance website will change to sportsmensalliance.org.

Social media channels will update to reflect the new-look Sportsmen’s Alliance and new name; follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“These are changes that will take some time to adapt to, but are moves that ultimately position the Sportsmen’s Alliance and our partners for a stronger future,” said Lynn.

While the logo and name have changed, the mission to protect and advance hunting, fishing and trapping remains constant – the Sportsmen’s Alliance will continue to protect these endeavors in all 50 states, at the federal level, in the court system and at the ballot box. And with a 95-percent success rate fighting animal-rights initiatives, responsible and transparent financial accountability, which is epitomized by the coveted 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator, sportsmen will continue to have a protector and advocate for decades to come.