November 23, 2017

Grizzly shot, killed near family’s North Idaho home – Woman Failed to “Look Big”

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*Editor’s Note* – Of course this woman should not be charged. She should be rewarded for caring more about her children and livestock than a damned bear. If the report given in this article is true, it appears the woman did everything idiot environmentalists (this includes law enforcement and wildlife enforcement) tell you to do when being attacked by a bear…save one thing. She didn’t take the time to “look big.” And don’t forget, we MUST blame this on a “bad berry crop.” Even WHEN environmentalists get tens of thousands of bears in everyone’s yards, those attacks on people and livestock will still be categorized as rare events.

A 2-year-old male grizzly bear threatening a North Idaho family was shot and ultimately killed on Tuesday. Now Barbara Casey, who shot the bear, is worried she’s in trouble for killing a federally protected species. “I don’t want to go to prison for saving my family and my animals,” Casey said.

Source: Grizzly shot, killed near family’s North Idaho home – Spokesman Mobile – Aug. 14, 2015

  • RattlerRider

    In Alaska the ” expert authorities” warn that people should stay 300 yards or farther from the bears. In YNP they say 100 yards. When the bears come into our yards we can’t do anything right. According to all of those super intelligent arm chair bear versus man woman conflicts experts that were not there and did not see anything. Oh and you shouldn’t have any “attractants” in the yard. Sheesh.. What isn’t a bear attracted to? They like fresh grass, fruits, berries, propane, fish ponds, horse shit, cattle shit, sewer gas, gas cans, chicken, turkey, rabbit, coops. Colts, calves, trash cans. They even break into homes because they like kitchens. They like cool boxes in cars. Beer cans soda cans.. Oh yeah, bird feeders. Oh yeah, they like rehab fly cages for wild raptors. They like barns, bags of oats, bags of corn and bags of various other domestic nutritional products.. Oh, and the “experts” want us to hide under our damn beds while the bears are raiding us.