October 1, 2022

Maine Lynx Protection: The Absurdity Never Ends

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We knew it was coming…I knew it was coming and here it is. Another lawsuit. All previous attempts at placating the perverted animal righters (better recognized as hunting haters and people haters) have failed in these people’s eyes and as has been predicted for decades now, they will not stop until it has all ended…laws and courts be goddamned!

It should say something that when many of these same idiots who filed a lawsuit against Maine to end trapping before, hidden behind the lie of protecting the Canada lynx, agreed to a compromise until such time as Maine could acquire a legal Incidental Take Permit (ITP), are saying it’s not enough. It must be pointed out as well that the guidelines worked out in the ITP are more strict than the Consent Decree; so much so that the ITP is ridiculous and was designed to foster additional lawsuits. That’s what the disease of Environmentalism does for us.

And yet, here we are, once again, about to embark on another costly court case disguised as a need to protect a species that needs no protection. Anyone with a brain would understand that more lynx will be “incidentally” caught and more run over by cars than ever before because the creature is over-protected and Maine is over-populated with lynx. But let’s not allow sense and sensibility to get in the way.

Perhaps we should give these clowns what they want. When the moose and the lynx have all disappeared because the clear-cut forests have all disappeared, who or what will they point a finger at in order to receive another pay day?