March 20, 2023

EnvironMENTALism is a Profound Sickness and Perversion

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*Editor’s Note* – The Izembek National Wildlife Refuge is 315,000 acres. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service advertises for hunters to travel to this refuge to hunt moose, bear, ducks and geese. There are 50 miles of existing roads in this refuge. 11 more are needed to connect to a village where emergency personnel can get help.

The residents of a small fishing village next door, have tried for years to get a single lane, dirt road built through the refuge to save lives in cases of emergency. People die because of the difficulty getting out.

We live in the 21st century. One might think the notion that living remotely may mean certain death can more easily be overcome. Not so when you are dealing with a rigged government, enmeshed in radical environmentalism that places the welfare of animals over that of people.

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, in response to King Cove resident’s request to approve a plan for a road, that involved giving up 200-times the amount of land in exchange for the road, said, “I’ve listened to your stories. Now I have to listen to the animals.”

Having the full authority to accept or reject a plan, passed in a Congressional omnibus bill, Jewell tossed the lives of people aside in favor of protecting wildlife.

What kind of a Godless society have we become? How perverse!

The animals had the last word. “Building a road through the Refuge would cause irreversible damage not only to the Refuge itself, but to the wildlife that depend on it,” Jewell said in a December 2013 statement, citing a four-year environmental-impact assessment conducted by her department. “Izembek is an extraordinary place — internationally recognized as vital to a rich diversity of species — and we owe it to future generations to think about long-term solutions that do not insert a road through the middle of this Refuge and designated wilderness.”

Source: [President Obama: His Environmentalism in Alaska is Deadly] National Review Online