December 3, 2023

Do We Live in a Free Country?

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wake up americaThis morning I was watching a local news channel from Florida. The subject was about a “city code” that prohibits any homeowner from renting his/her property “short-term.” There was no given definition to “short-term.”

The city mayor said the “code” was enacted by the town council because other residents complained that their neighbors were always changing. What? Are you serious? You mean to tell me that because a neighbor doesn’t like the idea that who might be living next door is a mystery, a city bans a property owner from renting his private property?

And who wants to deny that we live in a fascist state, with totalitarian operatives calling the shots?

But pay no attention to ANY of this. Go get in line for that “EYE” phone spying product coming out. That way you can probably get a FREE “app” to directly report when your neighbors do something you don’t like.