December 11, 2023

Maine game wardens host regional conference on poaching

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*Editor’s Note* – To make such a claim that the same number of deer are tagged in Maine legally as are taken illegally, requires some serious proof. First, the Maine Warden Service should define exactly what, in their professional standards, “poaching” is, and how that is used to illegally kill deer. Then, provide something more for proof other than “we estimate.”

Poaching is a crime and should not be tolerated. However, if law enforcement is looking to play on the emotions of the public by sensationalizing and embellishing game poaching data for political and/or economic reasons, they are no better than the poachers themselves.

Last year In Maine 25,000 deer were tagged legally. Wardens estimate nearly that many were taken illegally. Poachers will go out at night, use bait or exceed limits, all against the law. But it is not unique to Maine.

Source: Maine game wardens host regional conference on poaching