November 25, 2017

Study: Air pollution kills 3.3 million worldwide, may double

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*Editor’s Note* – This is quite comical really…that is, the report and how it was derived – not that supposedly 3.3 million people are dying each year because of what’s in our air.

We know what those computer models have done for us as far as the fake climate change goes, and now, because of the Vatican’s push toward gaining more control through fascist “sustainability” through climate change, they’ve loaded up their fear mongering guns to scare the hell out of more people. This is also setting the stage for the fish hat guy’s visit to the U.S. and the UN to sell his sustainable everything, fascist agenda.

What’s ironic in this, but not so to those who are clueless, is that this supposed creation of “air pollution” comes from the same sources as those who are now presenting a solution (create the problem, propagandize the problem, offer a solution). Those who created the “air pollution” (that is mostly the toxic chemicals being dumped on us 24/7 via aerosol spraying from aircraft), want millions, nay, billions of people dead. After all, their goal is to somehow kill at least 5 billion people by 2050.

Notice the U.S.’s source of deadly air pollutants come from power generation. Better destroy the U.S.’s ability to be self-sufficient in energy production because that remains a threat to the same powers lying about the air pollution, who MUST control you.

This is criminal and should be met and approached as criminal. This is a great representation of mass murder and the utilization of weapons of mass destruction.

But don’t go look, all you TechnoZombies.

WASHINGTON –  Air pollution is killing 3.3 million people a year worldwide, according to a new study that includes this surprise: Farming plays a large role in smog and soot deaths in industrial nations.Scientists in Germany, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and Harvard University calculated the most detailed estimates yet of the toll of air pollution, looking at what caused it. The study also projects that if trends don’t change, the yearly death total will double to about 6.6 million a year by 2050.The study, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, used health statistics and computer models. About three quarters of the deaths are from strokes and heart attacks, said lead author Jos Lelieveld at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Germany.

Source: Study: Air pollution kills 3.3 million worldwide, may double | Fox News

  • RattlerRider

    Decades-Long “Megadrought” Looms For Entire US As Lake Powell Runs Dry, NASA Warns

    Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 09/17/2015

    First of all what is the solution to natural droughts and man-made ones? What John F. Kennedy was backing before New Venice assassinated him. Kennedy backed the North American Water and Power Alliance. What happened to Qaddafi when he copied NAWAPA in North Africa? He was executed by French intelligence and his project was bombed by NATO (military-industrial-complex terrorists). What’s the answer to man-made droughts? Stop the Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and jail anyone attempting weather warfare.”—UHM

    Video worth seeing at above link to UHM showing Kennedy in Pueblo Colorado speaking on this NAWAPA issue.

    LPAC TV President Kennedy Pueblo Colorado August 16 1962


    “Released on Thanksgiving 2011, the LPAC-TV documentary “NAWAPA 1964’’ is the true story of the fight for the North American Water and Power Alliance. Spanning the 1960s and early ‘70s, it is told through the words of Utah Senator Frank Moss. The 56-minute video, using extensive original film footage and documents, presents the astonishing mobilization for NAWAPA, which came near to being realized, until the assassination of President Kennedy, the Vietnam War, and the 1968 Jacobin reaction, killed it”

    … until now.

    Separate video