December 2, 2023

Fight off Wolf Attack With House Key?

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Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes another beauty.

Along the shores of Like Winnepeg, in Manatoba, Canada, resident’s pet dogs, some German Shepard, have been attacked and killed by wolves..or at least that is what officials are calling them.

One official said that if you go out, carry a big stick.

Verbiwski said people should never walk alone and should carry a stout stick and even bear spray when outdoors.

Another said that you should never run from a wolf attack. You should stand your ground and fight aggressively with…..?

Use anything like keys or a pen.

Maybe you shouldn’t even fight back at all, after all it YOUR OWN DAMNED FAULT!

Verbiwski and MacPherson said what’s attracted the wolves to the east beaches is an abundance of white-tailed deer, which have increased in number in the past few years. They blame backyard feeding of deer for their increase.