September 29, 2022

It Seems the Brainwashed-Solution to any Problem is More Government

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I was reading George Smith’s article about nuisance wildlife and in particular paid attention to the part asking who should fund dealing with “nuisance” wildlife. According to Smith, it costs $880 million dollars a year to deal with “nuisance” wildlife.

Nuisance wildlife are costing us a staggering amount of money: $880 million/year in the northeast. Car/critter collisions are the most expensive problems, averaging $1,412 in Maine.

There seems to be somewhat of a debate as to who should be responsible for dealing with “nuisance” wildlife and above all, who should pay for it.

Here’s a solution, the bulk of which will fall on deaf ears and be disregarded because we are so much programmed to be irresponsible, fellow human hating robots that the ONLY solution that can be envisioned is more of the same thing, i.e. more government. Why do we persist in calling on government, experiencing, always, failure, and yet, turn right around and ask for more?

The first thing that should be done is to work out a definition of “nuisance.” Without such, all is pointless. A property owner should be responsible for whatever happens on their property, including dealing with “nuisance” (well-defined) wildlife. But they are not allowed to.

Government interferes. Government makes regulations. Government caves in to animal rights groups and other perverted, totalitarian, useless eater leftists and, like everything else in our lives these days, must have our rear ends wiped clean by more and bigger government.

When government mandates all actions, then government should pay. When government tells you you need a permit, or you need first to call law enforcement (including code enforcement officials) before you can act to protect yourself and your private property, then government should pay the bills resulting from the consequences of government bureaucracy.

A great chunk of the $880 million dollars spent on dealing with nuisance wildlife could be saved and/or spent on better programs…or by just saving the taxpayers a few bucks. Why should I have to pay for a stinking skunk, living under your porch, to be removed? If I have one, I’ll deal with it my way. I once had rights. A damned skunk has them now.

If you or government wants property owners to cough up the expense of dealing with nuisance wildlife, then let the property owner do and pay for it and government butt out.

But this is pipe-dreaming. It will never happen because the only remedy anybody knows of these days is, “Where’s my Government?” I’m the radical because I think the correct way. Go figure.