November 28, 2023

Random Bitching

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There’s at least one thing that angers me. This has just come to light because I received an email from a place where I have received them in the past, unsolicited. It contained a headline that piqued my curiosity and so I clicked on it, only to discover I had to join their community of lost sheep in order to read it. NO THANKS!

With greater understanding as to who I was receiving these unsolicited emails, I searched for the “unsubscribe” link that any legitimate entity would provide. Nope! You guessed it. There wasn’t any. The only resort now is to label it spam and hopefully within the next 5 – 10 years Gmail will figure out I don’t want the damned propaganda.

Which now brings me to another observation which prompts questions. Fewer and fewer people are buying newspapers and magazines. Fewer and fewer people read anymore, except in increments of 141 characters or less. These newspapers and magazines now think they can pick up the slack by offering their propaganda and CFR-devised “news” online.

Have you visited any of these major media companies online lately and attempted to navigate to anywhere? Your computer screen is immediately taken over by pop-up, pop-under, pop-over, around and through, and completely obstructive advertisements – and even worse, pages of deliberate propaganda. These must be those following Obama’s order to “get in people’s faces.”

A more used tactic of late is the one that after you have been subjected to all the advertisement, as soon as you do anything with your mouse, another page in another browser opens up, clogging up your computer. Are any of these brain dead morons aware that this does not attract anyone’s attention other than to piss them off?

Their product sucks anyway, but on those rare occasions when you’ve found something you might want to read, the process drives you away, with the thoughts of NEVER returning.

So, now, when I land on one of these, at least the most utterly fantastic sites of forced advertising, I jot down the name of the company so I can glance at the list BEFORE I get attacked and not go there.

And some of these media outlets don’t want websites like mine, linking to their site. Makes sense?

Having said all that, might I remind you that this site is commercial free. I don’t take, nor do I allow any advertising that isn’t of my own doing. And certainly those benign ads are available ONLY if YOU CHOOSE to click on them.

Besides, this site is one of those rare ones that provides truth. Let me sort out this useless crap for you.