December 3, 2023

U.S. Bombings of ISIS “Smoke and Mirrors” PSYOP at Work

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Bombing the Islamic State runs counter to the agenda revealed in Defense Intelligence Agency documentsfrom 2012.

The documents show the United States and its partners in the Gulf states and Turkey supported the Islamic State and planned to establish a Salafist principality in Syria.

The Pentagon has admitted it “helped build ISIS” and armed the group with weapons transferred from Benghazi, Libya.

The globalist Brookings Institute also described the ultimate objective.

In June, Tony Cartalucci, citing the Brookings document, wrote that the goal is “to divide, destroy, then incrementally occupy a sovereign nation thousands of miles from America’s shores.”

Source: SHTF ALERT — Russian Government Says U.S. Has Been Pretending to Strike ISIS Over the Last Year and that Obama is Lying to the American People… | RedFlag News