August 17, 2022

Taking Away a Gun’s Rights

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*Editor’s Note* – TAKE THAT! You ugly piece of steel! Is it that we have just plain lost all of our grey matter or it must be due to indoctrination? I think some people really think a gun is a bad actor.

A small town in Maine is trying to decide what to do with confiscated guns – sell them or destroy them. One city councilor made the statement below.

First, what difference does it make if a weapon has been used in a “violent” crime or seized more than once? Everything that I read says that any criminal act using a gun is considered violent…even suicide. The gun doesn’t know that it’s been used before in a “violent” act. Well, I don’t think so, but I wonder if this one councilor knows the difference.

Secondly, the same councilor thinks it would be cool to destroy a gun, “so it doesn’t victimize someone else.” If that’s what he means, he’s a fool. Guns are incapable of victimizing anybody. If that’s not what he means then be just a tiny bit less ignorant and make people think you are some kind of man of compassion and say that you want to make sure that the same weapon is never used again BY A HUMAN BEING to victimize someone. It is nonsensical thinking that by destroy one weapon, it would save another life.

It’s bad enough that people place human characteristics on animals. Now we see people placing them on inanimate objects.

“But if it has been involved in a violent crime, or been seized by police more than once in commission of a crime, it should be destroyed,” Paradis said. “I like the idea. If it has been used in a crime to victimize somebody, we ought to consider destroying the weapon, so it doesn’t victimize someone else.”

Source: Augusta councilors favor selling forfeited guns – Central Maine