November 29, 2023

Which Crime Scene is Real?

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This is related to another link provided by Rattler Rider, posted earlier today.

In an explosion in Ankara, Turkey, this man bled out.


During the Boston Bombing, this man “lost his leg” and is alert and seemingly enjoying his ride in the conveniently available wheelchair. Consider, if you can, that a person has their leg blown off. Bleeding commences immediately. How long does it take for responders to get there and how long does it take to get a wheelchair? Don’t know? How long does it take to bleed out? Would you be sitting up and alert, riding in a wheelchair, if you just had your leg blown off from a bomb? Even in the movies, this guy, if he was still alive, would have been riding on a gurney and triage wouldn’t have been set up “down the street”…affording the opportunity to parade fake victims in front of spectators and conveniently located television cameras. And ask yourself this question: With all the supposed victims at the scene, consider what each person in this photograph is doing and why.

I have talked with several medical professionals who all tell me they just don’t think trauma this great, would provide time nor the opportunity for what you are seeing in this photograph.