January 27, 2023

BLM Posts Land for the Sage Grouse?

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Following this story, hidden behind claims of protecting the sage grouse, I have come to ask myself what it is that the Federal Government is really doing behind to “Off Limit” signs. It makes little sense that instead of attempting to “save” the sage grouse by utilizing the fascist Endangered Species Act, instead the government opts to “close the land down” for a period of two years while they think about it.

So what is the real reason Government wants this land “Off Limits?”

Following last month’s milestone decision to keep the beleaguered greater sage grouse off the endangered species listing, federal agencies in Utah have temporarily closed more than 233,000 acres of public and national forest lands for up to two years while they determine if the lands’ importance to the ground-based bird habitat is such that they should be made off limits for a longer period.<<<Read More>>>