September 29, 2022

NH Moose Hunt: So What’s the Plan?

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*Editor’s Note* – In this press release from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, it says that 105 moose permits were issued for this year’s moose hunt out of 9,500 applicants.

Looking at the additional information provided, we see that the first moose hunt, in 1988, allotted 75 permits when the state estimated there were 1,600 moose. Today that estimate is 4,000 moose, with 105 permits allotted. Moose numbers have increased about 250% in that time while permits have increased around 70%.

One might wonder why so few permits for 4,000 moose. I would imagine there is a myriad of excuses but one question I have, which is the same question I’ve had for Maine, is if the fish and wildlife departments are trying to grow too many moose? I don’t attribute tick increase and moose mortality to global warming. I attribute it to too many moose.

I think it is time for all departments to reconsider their moose population goals. Stop fussing over whether or not people want to “view” more moose and do what’s best for a healthy moose herd.

The moose hunt has been an annual event in New Hampshire for more than twenty years. The state’s first modern-day moose hunt took place in 1988, with 75 permits issued in the North Country.  At that time, New Hampshire was home to about 1,600 moose. Today, New Hampshire has about 4,000 moose.

Source: NH Moose Hunt Is October 17-25, 2015