December 2, 2023

Fascist USFWS Will Release Wolves Without State Permit

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This is typical of the fascist government under which we are subjects of. The Feds are required to get approval and permits from the proper state agencies before wolves are “introduced” onto the land. Because of incomplete and unsatisfactory “plans” by the USFWS, New Mexico officials refused to authorize a permit for release. The USFWS says it is, “exempting the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program from a policy of complying with state permit requirements.”

Why are there laws? Why is there an Endangered Species Act? The United States Government is out of control, promoting chaos and creating a mockery out of any semblance of law and order.

Perhaps the state of New Mexico could find better understanding if Feds were actually releasing real Mexican wolves instead of lab-grown, cross-bred mongrels and calling them wolves. Maybe it’s time to give the fascists a taste of their own medicine and “exempt” them from any wolf recovery program promising to kill any wolf released.

“In a direct snub to state officials, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Wednesday that it will release about 10 Mexican gray wolves into the wilds of southwestern New Mexico, even though state game officials have refused to issue a permit for the action.

The federal agency issued a statement Wednesday that said it will release the wolves as part of its recovery program for a species that is at risk of extinction.

“It is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s obligation under the law to recover this species, and reintroductions into the wild from the more genetically diverse captive population are an essential part of that recovery process,” the statement said.

Fish and Wildlife said it notified New Mexico Game and Fish Department Director Alexandra Sandoval, who previously denied a permit for the release. Despite protests from dozens of environmental groups, the seven-member State Game Commission late last month unanimously rejected the federal government’s appeal of her decision.”<<<Read More>>>