December 7, 2022

Wolves Up Yours: Why USFWS (U.S. Government) Is Fascist

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We learned yesterday that the Department of Interior (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) was going to release mongrel, semi-wild dogs onto National Forest land in New Mexico even though the State of New Mexico has denied the fascists permits to do so.

I took the liberty to embolden part of the original letter sent to Director Sandoval from the Department of Interior that states that New Mexico has not responded to permit requests “FAVORABLY,” in other words, the Government didn’t get their cake and eat it too.

When laws are written and forced upon the American people without their knowledge, that is wrong. Why do we have laws? Our own government either ignores those laws or simply craft new laws, by cover of darkness, to circumvent existing laws in order to run roughshod over the people. Why do we have an Endangered Species Act? The Act, like all laws written pertaining to the Department of Interior, including the Endangered Species Act, were deliberately crafted in a way that gives the director dictatorial power to do just about anything he/she damned will pleases. Yes, it’s a rigged system.

In this specific case, the letter sent to Director Sandoval, invokes rule 43CFR 24.4(i)(5)(i), which lists those circumstances in which the Service can ignore rules and regulations as they pertain to cooperation with states – (5) Consult with the States and comply with State permit requirements in connection with the activities listed below, except in instances where the Secretary of the Interior determines that such compliance would prevent him from carrying out his statutory responsibilities:(emphasis added)

(i) In carrying out research programs involving the taking or possession of fish and wildlife or programs involving reintroduction of fish and wildlife;

I might ask how many readers participated in the drafting and passage of 43CFR 24.4? I thought so. How many had knowledge of this “exemption?” I thought so. How many, who did have knowledge of this exemption, understood its real meaning? I thought so. How many of you will turn right around and go vote for the same fascists that will go to Washington and do the same thing? I thought so. How many of you like living under fascist rule, headed toward totalitarian socialism? I thought so.

Now maybe the question comes back to who actually has the ultimate authority in this instance. Once, we thought that the Constitution, particularly the Tenth Amendment, provided the sovereignty to the states in order to limit the power and overreach of the the Federal Government, i.e. Tyranny. We know this is a useless amendment, as are most all the rest.

What should New Mexico do? Yesterday, with tongue in cheek, sort of, I suggested that the State of New Mexico should notify the Department of Interior that all wolves released in that state without proper permits, would be killed.

If we are going to live in a lawless land, within a rigged system, should we give the fascists a taste of their own?

As is always the case, the Federal Government will get its way and the people will lose. Very little of anything that the Feds have done, as it pertains to wolf introduction nationwide, has been legal. Evidently that doesn’t matter. The Government makes their own rules, plays by their own rules and if they don’t have a rabbit to pull out of their hat, i.e. 43CFR 24.4 then they simply disregard laws and claim a new interpretation. Haven’t we seen this before of late?

So what’s the use?

End of RANT!

The original letter sent to Director Sandoval from the Department of the Interior.

“In 2015, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) applied for permits from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (Department) to import Mexican wolves into the state and release Mexican wolves onto National Forest Service lands in New Mexico. The Department has not responded favorably to our permit requests, delaying determination or denying our import permit requests and denying our applications to release Mexican wolves onto National Forest Service lands in New Mexico. On September 29, 2015, in response to the Service’s appeal of the Director’s denial of release permits, the New Mexico State Game Commission, upheld the Director’s decision.”(emphasis added) <<<Read More>>>