November 28, 2023

CCRKBA: Obama Prosecutes Fewer Gun Crimes, Penalizes Honest Citizens

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*Editor’s Note* – While the CCRKBA seems to want to focus on numbers that seem to indicate that the Obama Administration is prosecuting fewer gun crimes and thus his attention is more on taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, perhaps the CCRKBA is missing the real agenda.

One would have to be blind to not see that President Obama has continued the efforts on gun control. Make no mistake about the fact that Obama, as with Hillary Clinton, as with G.W. Bush, as will all presidents past and in the future, they want the citizenry disarmed.

We also know that a tried and true method of achieving a goal such as gun confiscation is to scare the people into it. Look how it has worked with so-called “terrorism.” American slaves have been eager to give up their rights, while out of fear the boogy man will get them.

The same tactic is in play. We see it everyday. The numbers even support the idea that if government withdraws from prosecuting gun crimes, the terrorizing with guns will increase, further frightening the citizens to where they will eventually demand central government to further enslave them.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Obama is ONLY interested in putting his attention of finding ways to legislatively steal away our rights.

“According to the TRAC report,” he continued, “the federal government reported 6,002 new firearms convictions during Fiscal Year 2015. That’s down 5.8 percent from the 6,373 convictions reported in FY 2014, and an alarming 15.5 percent from five years ago, when there were 7,101 convictions. It represents a whopping decline of 34.8 percent from the 9,206 convictions reported in 2005, according to the TRAC data.

Source: CCRKBA: Obama Prosecutes Fewer Gun Crimes, Penalizes Honest Citizens : The Outdoor Wire