December 11, 2023

Know Your Enemy: Attack of the NGOs

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Dollar-Ase-270x300*Editor’s Comment* – Of the many, many items I have read and researched over the years about Agenda 21, and now Agenda 2030, the following article if perhaps one of the better basic learning lessons of how “policy” is derived – emphasis on basic. (Note: The development of “policy” has become the foundation of law in this nation. Each administration develops its own “policy.” Policy is implemented throughout all departments and practiced as the policy directs. In time, “policy” becomes law. We all need to learn and understand this basic concept.)

I have not read, nor followed Tom DeWeese, and so perhaps this piece is intended to be a beginning step toward educating people about how  the global power structure exists and is exercised.

I do not agree completely with what is written, but as I and others have pointed out, it’s a starting point.

DeWeese describes quite well how “ideas” are brought into the system for developing plans, conventions, policy, laws and treaties but comes up short of a more specific description of where those of influence with the “ideas” come from. They are not pulled out of thin air and very few participants to United Nations meetings have the mental capacity to devise such ideas. (Sorry, but they don’t. If they did, I wonder if they would even be there.)

It’s easy to say that NGOs and nation governments, along with the United Nations, develop policy and then work toward getting that policy applied to nations through laws and/or treaties. It’s not some kind of magical happenstance. It’s far more complex as well as expertly hidden from the view of anyone caring enough to investigate at a deeper level. Few are and therefore it makes the job of preventing exposure of corrupt governments that much easier.

By the time Average Joe in Small Town, America hears words, ideas, policies, conventions, laws and treaties, what they receive are well-crafted words that sound too good to be true. None are wise to what is really taking place – due in part to a well-crafted propagandizing/mind controlled education system.

Each of the “members” who come to these tables of discussion with “ideas” are sent by the Global Power Structure and introduced to NGO representatives, as well as government departments and their representatives, etc. Not unlike the Delphi Technique, the Ruling Establishment creates the “ideas” and agenda. Agents bring those to meetings and they get “introduced” and are discussed. Because the departments are rigged, the agenda passes and the new policy returns to nations where certain members already knew what was coming back. It’s all part of a very big membership that is heavily infiltrated into every aspect of everyone’s lives throughout the world.

DeWeese alludes to the fact that all of this effort is “leading” us toward global governance. I’m afraid the “leading” has passed behind us now and is mostly present, at least at some level, in our lives today. Few notice or even pay attention.

It is a rigged system and the administrators of that rigged system use NGOs, state and local governments and their representatives as useful idiots to carry out their fascist plans through totalitarian efforts.

I suggest reading the following linked-to article but remember, it is not 100% accurate – little ever is and by far is not even remotely close to being a complete look at any power structure that is devising Agenda 2030 policy.

Put in simple street language, the procedure really amounts to a collection of NGOs, bureaucrats and government officials, all working together toward a predetermined outcome. They have met together in meetings, written policy statements based on international agreements, which they helped to create and now they are about to impose laws and regulations that will have dire effects on people’s lives and national economies. Yet, with barely a twinge of conscience they move forward with the policy, saying nothing. No one objects. It’s understood. Everyone goes along. For this is a barbaric procedure that insures their desired outcome without the ugliness of bloodshed, or even debate. It is the procedure used to advance the radical, global environmental agenda.

Read the Deweese Report – Know Your Enemy: Attack of the NGOs