February 7, 2023

Drudge More Interested in Perverse Hollyweird Than Political Fascism/Malthusianism

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I just went to Drudge to check on headlines and discovered the Drudge Report opted to plaster a big picture of the front page of Enquirer Magazine claiming that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive and worked hard to cover it up.

Who Gives a SHIT?

The world is crumbling away, by design, by a powerful ruling establishment bent on the destruction of, not only the United States, but much of the free world. For anybody who really cares, death and destruction is wielded against people under the guise of “terrorism.” Terrorism, as we are witness to today, is a creation of governments, intelligence, and secret agencies such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission, Builderbergers, Jesuits, the Black and White Pope (Vatican), Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Illuminati, Club of Rome, Order of the Garter, etc. They murder and destroy and blame it on fake “terror” groups, all the while attempting to scare the living hell out of people and frightening them into submission.

And yet, Drudge chooses to upstage all world and national events with a nasty story, that might not even be true, about Charlie Sheen and HIV. As I just said:

Who Gives a SHIT?

How Sheen got aides and how anybody associated with him, i.e. had sex, etc. can only be the result of the choice of living a decadent lifestyle. The Ruling Powers don’t give any of us choices. They simply kill and destroy. People CHOOSE to have uncontrolled, unsafe sex with multiple partners (and probably other methods too disgusting to mention). They don’t knowingly choose to have governments and other clandestine organizations destroy them.

It therefore becomes clear that Drudge, and all other media outlets, find their priorities in Hollyweird. I wonder who butters his bread?

Much of the point of all this is to help education people to understand NO MEDIA, NONE tells the truth.