December 2, 2023

Michigan, U.S. Dept. of AG Seek Help Killing Disease-Carrying Wild Pigs

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It appears that Michigan doesn’t like wild pigs invading the state and spreading disease. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Department of Agriculture are seeking help in killing the pigs.

Officials say wild pigs,”can carry 30 diseases and 40 parasites.” Gray wolves, which also invade the Michigan landscape, can carry in excess of 30 diseases and parasites, some deadly to humans, and yet officials continue to protect the wolf. Why the discrimination?

The group called Citizens to Protect Free Roaming Sus Scrofa (CPFRSS), are considering a lawsuit to stop the indiscriminate killing of Free Roaming Sus Scrofa. A spokesman for the group stated that their science suggests that Free Roaming Sus Scrofa are necessary in order to perfect the natural balance of our ecosystems and should be protected. Disease is of no concern to the feral pigs…screw the humans.

CPFRSS is circulating a petition to get the Sus Scrofa listed as an Endangered Species. In the meantime, the group hopes that Barack Obama will grant full amnesty for all Sus Scrofa. The president was recently quoted to say that in consideration of these family animals, we must see that there are mothers, grandmothers and children pigs among them – “We mustn’t fail to live up to the American heritage of saving Sus Scrofa!” (Note – Sus Scrofa can register and receive voting rights, free food and a new, well-stocked sty.)

It takes millions of dollars to protect and save these helpless animals. We are counting on your support. If you would like to donate, please click on this link.