September 25, 2023

Catholic Church Gets $79 Million to Bring Illegals

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*Editor’s Note* – I received this in my email. I do not know the author of it.

As a non-practicing catholic former alter boy that left the church after a homosexual priest that previously had an affair with a 16 year old boy was assigned to our church  – right about the time the church was spending hundreds of millions of dollars settling pedophile suits –  but was not convicted as a felon because the statute of limitations had run out….I just wanted you to be aware that it was Catholic Charities that brought the first Somalis to Lewiston….

….and the church (s) continue to accept my tax dollars to raise the standard of living of people from a foreign country….

Catholic Church Facilitates Foreign Invasion As Paid Agitator

In an NTEB Special Report, we have recently received information that the Catholic Church received payments totalling $79,590,512.00 to facilitate the flow of undocumented and illegal immigrants into the United States in 2014. This is six million dollars more than they were paid in 2013. Now you know why Pope Francis is so eager to push Obama’s insane flood of illegal migrants, he’s getting paid millions to do it!

In the face of President Obama’s veto threat, the House passed a bill to slow Syrian refugees. But the Republican Congress also has the power to hold hearings into the millions of taxpayer dollars being funneled through Catholic and other church groups to bring them here. Many Catholics and non-Catholics alike would like to know how “religious compassion,” using federal money, is increasing the potential terrorist threat to America.


I am a conservative.  If illegal aliens want to come to this country and not go through the immigration process ….and bring their culture with them instead of adopting the American culture while insisting they have ‘rights’ such as receiving an education for their children in their native language instead of English…then I say they should stay home and fix what is wrong there. It is enough to make one become a cynic.