July 7, 2022

Local Effort Creates Positive Deer Management Success

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*Editor’s Note* – It is good news to hear something positive in the way of deer management in Maine. Perhaps there is no sound proof but it appears from this information that the increase in deer harvest success is due mostly to the efforts of the local community and hunters.

One has to wonder how this information from The Forks will compare with other areas of the state. Of course, it will take upwards of 6 months before the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife makes available harvest data.

Call it luck. Or maybe it’s back-to-back mild winters a few years ago after several brutal ones. Maybe it’s the large, organized coyote kill. Or the local deer feeding program. Or a change in forest practices.

Maybe it’s all of the above, but one thing appears to be true — the deer herd in The Forks region, where the Kennebec River meets the Dead River in northern Somerset County, appears to be rebounding, locals say.

Source: Deer herd staging comeback in The Forks, boosting business – Central Maine