December 3, 2023

Dumping Deer Registration a Colossal Mistake

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*Editor’s Note* – This drastic cut in deer management in Wisconsin comes at what seems to me, a really bad time. From what I have been reading, Wisconsin’s deer herd is shrinking and I’m not sure scientists have a firm understanding as to why.

But, isn’t this another example of how things are changing? None of which is for the good. Scientific management of wildlife is being replaced, even if gradually, by social regulation, i.e. shrieks and demands from Environmentalists and animal right perverts. We were told by the Environmentalists that they were going to change the way we discussed and approached wildlife management and I believe we are seeing the beginning stages of this. When a department, such as Wisconsin’s, removes pretty much the only means of gathering accurate scientific data, used to scientifically manage deer herds, the only conclusion has to be that they don’t plan on managing deer anymore, but to simply resort to “natural regulation.”

Maybe it’s time. Maybe it is time to let these idiots have their natural regulation. Let’s shut down the entire department in charge of tending to wildlife, and that includes non-game species, stay far away from anything to do with caring for the resource and let things fall where they may. Perhaps that is what it will take before intelligent people will put an end, once and for all, to this perverted, nonsensical approach to wildlife management and human control.

I hate to come off as the pessimist, but there’s really no going back on these damaging deer management decisions. The current Administration’s gutting of the Department of Natural Resources is complete (500+ jobs eliminated from the Department, including nearly all wildlife research scientists). From here on out, my beloved state of Wisconsin’s deer management program — once the epitome of sound, science-based decisions — will now be managed in much the same way other states have done it for years.

Source: Dumping Deer Registration a Colossal Mistake – Deer & Deer Hunting | Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips