November 29, 2023

Powerful Animal Rights Lobby Puts Profits Over Mankind

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This is a rebuttal to a hypocritical blog by Val Philbrick on Don Loprieno’s blog at the Bangor Daily News.

The blog spends ample time attempting to convince readers that lobbying efforts by certain members of Maine’s hunting, fishing and trapping industry are corrupt and causes harm to wildlife in pursuit of profits. Ignorance and hypocrisy abound.

I basically have two points to make. The first is that while the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is still practiced, at least to some degree by fish and game agencies that have not fully succumbed to the “new ways to discuss wildlife management,” it is a proven model for the management of abundant wildlife of all species for the benefit of ALL. The new way wildlife management is discussed, promotes scarcity and disease, along with the destruction of rights and private property, while limiting access to public lands. Over-protection of animals is a perverted practice that places the health, safety and general welfare of people at risk at the expense of people’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The second point to make is that it is quite hypocritical that this author, evidently suggesting lobbying for the hunting, fishing and trapping industry is somehow unethical, immoral and a danger to wildlife, doesn’t happen to mention that she is a member of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). If one wanted to discuss ethics and morality as related to HSUS and PETA, a book could be written.

Evidently a man is not worthy of his hire. There seems to be opposition to a couple of tens-of-thousands of dollars made to promote and protect the hunting, fishing and trapping industries while there is no mention of the MILLIONS of dollars being made by members of HSUS, PETA and many other Environmental and animal rights groups. I wonder how this small handful of Maine outdoor industry lobbyists’ ethics would stand up in comparison to the filthy, rotten, lying, cheating and stealing done by most of these Environmental/Animal Rights groups?

This author claims that lobbying the government to perpetuate a proven means of wildlife management is exploiting wildlife for profits. The author indicates that this practice should be ended. Really? I certainly have my own opposing thoughts and opinions to the corruption of lobbying, as it exists today, and so, if one is to call for the ending of lobbying of the hunting, fishing and trapping industry, then let’s put an end to the perverted and exceedingly corrupt lobbying efforts of the HSUS and PETA, along with any and all groups. In short, let’s outlaw lobbying at every level of government.

I find it interesting that for years groups like HSUS and PETA, as well as Environmental groups, have become spoiled due to their fine organizational skills and fund raising, to do their lobbying and propagandizing of a nation, unopposed. Decades too late, the lobby opposed to the radical and perverted ways of HSUS and PETA, etc. are beginning to get their act together, in the sense that they are figuring out that the best way to fight fire is with fire. They have been left with no other choice. And now we see animal rights perverts and human haters throwing hissy-fits because a handful of lobbyists in Maine are opposing anti-human activities of the far more powerful and organized groups such as HSUS and PETA.

If this author is honestly suggesting that an end be put to political lobbying in Maine, then sign me up. There is nothing more that I would like to be witness to, than HSUS, PETA, Wildlife Alliance of Maine, Audubon, National Wildlife Federation, Natural Resources Council, Animal Welfare Institute, and all the rest banned from buying votes in the Legislature. Bring it on!

If the call for an end to lobbying for everyone is not sincere, and this is only an attempt to clear the field of any opposition for the animal rights knuckleheads, then pointing the finger at the hunting, fishing and trapping lobby only shows the totalitarianism that drives these close-minded groups.