December 2, 2023

Classical Values

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Propitious timing, as NOAA and environmental activists are desperately trying to avoid complying with Congressional oversight into whether politics is driving ever-higher surface data adjustments. This particular farce has gone beyond mere confirmation bias and entered the realm of Lysenkoism. Do they really not understand that billions of tax dollars come with certain legal strings attached? “Shut up and go away” is not an acceptable response to a Congressional subpoena.  The taxpayers paid for the scientists as well as the nonscientists whose government records they deigned to release. No oversight? Fine, no funding. Shut NOAA down until they comply.  Good luck in the private sector, folks.  One further hopes these savages either fully comply or end up in jail for obstruction, as their behavior is horribly corrosive to scientific integrity, the spirit of free inquiry, the principles of objectivity and reproducibility, and the rule of law.

Source: Classical Values » Site, Cite, and Oversight