February 6, 2023

Grouse Study Offers Severe Winter Excuse for Managers

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In V. Paul Reynolds’ weekly article, he shares with his readers about the ups and downs of this year’s grouse hunting, mentioning a grouse study that is, “A newly launched ongoing grouse study, that is a year old… A collaborative effort by the University of Maine and DIF&W [Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife].”

According to what Reynolds shared, the study concluded, among other things, that:

This grouse study is also looking at a grouse’s favorite cover, the relationship between vegetation and habitat selection. The study also confirmed longtime popular conjecture that, despite a grouse’s incredible resilience, hard Maine winter’s kill grouse just like they do deer.

It’s never an encouraging thing to discover that another “study” provides an easy excuse for wildlife managers to call out the “Severe Winter” card when there are no more game animals to hunt. What I expected to read about also was how, global warming AND severe winters, kill grouse…JUST LIKE THEY DO DEER.