October 22, 2017

Oregon US Attorney Amanda Marshall Resigns Amid Scandal

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So, just another proven federal criminal that was used to destroy a ranching family over pseudo environmental issues. Fact is it’s about resources collateral under the ground, and the Chinese debt YOU silly u.s. citizens owe.

“Here are some interesting links about US Attorney Amanda Marshall who made the recommendation to challenge the Hammonds’ original sentences. She resigned in May 2015 for “health reasons” amid a scandal – she is accused of stalking a subordinate, federal prosecutor Scott Kerin. She is an Obama appointee who had no experience as a federal prosecutor when she took the job (see below*).”

1) About Amanda Marshall, from the Oregonian’s list of “players” in the Hammond family case.


“Amanda Marshall: Former U.S. Attorney for Oregon. Marshall recommended that the federal government challenge the Hammonds’ original prison sentences. By law, the convictions come with mandatory five-year sentences, but U.S. District Judge Michael Hogan in 2012 balked at the punishment and instead sentenced Dwight Hammond to three months and Steven Hammond to one year. Marshall called Hogan’s punishments “unlawful.” The solicitor general authorized a rare appeal of an Oregon judge’s order. The appeals court sided with the prosecution, and the Hammonds returned to federal court last year to face a second sentencing. At that hearing, U.S. Chief District Judge Ann Aiken ordered the pair to finish five-year terms.”

Oregon’s top federal prosecutor traveled from commune to the corner office


2) The Scandal:

Oregon U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall resigns amid internal review, cites health issues

Federal Prosecutor Allegedly Stalked By U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall Was Under Armed Protection – Scott Kerin reportedly had a contract taken out on his life by a Mexican drug cartel.

U.S. Justice Department looking into U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall’s relationship with employee
“This is a crucial time in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Oregon, which investigates and prosecutes federal crimes. The office is leading a sweeping influence-peddling investigation of former Gov. John Kitzhaber and his companion, Cylvia Hayes.
Marshall was the surprise choice to replace interim U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton in 2010. She had no experience as a federal prosecutor.* Rather, she was plucked from a child advocacy legal job inside the Oregon Department of Justice. Before that, she served as a deputy district attorney in Coos County.
Kerin is married to a fellow-federal prosecutor in the Portland office. Marshall is married to Ladd Wiles, who last May was elected Circuit Court judge in Yamhill County.”

“NOTE: In the above story, her attorney, Charese Rohny, misleads the Oregonian by saying that the victim Kerin was the subject of an OIG investigation, which was untrue, as it was Marshall who OIG was investigating.”

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