December 11, 2023

Fascist Obama’s Executive Order on Guns

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*Editor’s Note* – In an interview with reporters last night, Hitler and Himmler President Obama and Loretta Lynch shared what would be in the president’s Executive Order on gun control, said to be publicly released this morning. As is noted below, people, particularly seniors should take concern over the statement that the Social Security Administration will make rules to prohibit CERTAIN SS recipients from owning guns.

As with the Weimar Republic in Germany in 1928, and the Hitler Regime that followed, certain groups and classes of people were targeted (anyone perceived as a threat, not just Jews) in order to prohibit the buying and/or owning of any kind of weapon, including knives and baseball bats. As was the case in Germany, no definitive guidelines were established to list qualifications and disqualifications, leaving that up to the Reichkommissar to decide.

In addition to the new guidance on who must obtain a firearms license, Valerie Jarrett announced that the president would require the Social Security Administration to begin the rule-making process for prohibiting certain Social Security recipients from legally obtaining guns, a move that could bar millions from legally owning firearms.

Source: Obama Executive Order on Guns