November 28, 2023

Wolves are a danger to us

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*Editor’s Note* – What I highlighted below is a comment that few Americans understand or are aware of. It is the intent of those who advocate for large predator protection to make sure people cannot use public land.

In 2014, a federal judge from Washington D.C. decided to put the gray wolf back on the endangered species list because of a lawsuit brought by the Humane Society. A recent report shows an increase of livestock, hunting and pet dogs being killed by wolves in Wisconsin. There have also been confirmed reports of wolves attacking a father and son as well as another attack on one of our veterans, according to American Hunter magazine. After the attacks, the area that these attacks occurred in was closed to public use. That is not right. Wolves should not be able dictate where we can go on public property and when.

Source: Wolves are a danger to us