December 18, 2017

Such a Legalese Web They Weave

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The Document, “Federal Public Land and Resources Law” never states that the u.s. citizens own the federal public lands nor the resources. Obviously if a corporate entity is going to establish such a document the corporate owners are establishing via precedent that the corporate owners own the lands and resources. The only connection to the land for the subjects is multiple use privileges. Subjects are shareholders, stakeholders in multiple use. The clever owners have the subjects fighting over the multiple use because they want that use ended permanently. Best way to do that is to get the subjects to end it. And they are.  Who is the “owner”, well for the satanists the owner is the corporate entity called the Vatican via their ownership rights of National and International Law and Elements of Ecclesiastical Law. The King, or Caesar, His Holiness the Pope. They own it.  They have owned the u.s. corporation from the beginning. The Holy Trinity mentioned in the Paris Agreement of 1783 is, the Pope, The King of England, and the Managers of the Londinium Banking Cartel, the Rothschilds, the managers of the Vatican Wealth. Mystery Babylon. They own the private property as well. Don’t pay your property taxes and they will send their little uniformed slaves out to punish you by murdering you if you resist being removed from your home. You wanted a King and got one.  The real owner of the lands is the creator of the lands and all life. His rental fee was a lot better, recognize his law and HIM as the KING and you live here in your own homes free of charge. You just grow your food, share with your brothers and sisters. Your lands are well managed, your bountiful harvests are consistent.. Instead you have evil men reversing His law and using their law to benefit themselves as you all suffer.

I own the 1996 Case Supplement to Federal Public Land and Resources Law 3rd Edition. And the 4th through 6th editions. Guess what? We don’t own it.
I’ll probably get the 7th edition just to see how nasty the climate change legalese is. Thats right, even though they have NOT scientifically proven their CC=33 case they are steam rolling out Political hogwash while writing legalese to bust us with. They can likely condemn your home if it “pollutes” the natural environment by leaking hot air.. 











There is an old saying, You’d better know your enemy because if you don’t they will kick your ass all over the land..

Welcome to Mystery Babylon.. Where the air keeps getting thicker.. Or more expensive.. Can you afford it?

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    Political Charters Create Corporate Countries As Fictions

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    Luciferian Pseudo Sovereign Nation Builders Developed theTotalitarian Collectivist Corporate Capitalism which is in Fact anti Free Market Capitalism, which undeniably is the ultimate in oppressive power and greed, and is Federalism in it’s entirety. These cretins believe they own the water, the grass, the dirt, and the blood of men. They believe they can do whatever they want by their own legalese decrees. Even kill off entire societies of people if that suits their purposes. They truly are the scum of the earth. Nothing meek about these elite bloodlines.

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    It’s been well known that the end agenda means the post-democratic society where a totalitarian scientific dictatorship dominates a totally degenerated society (Bertrand Russell agenda) through individual military forces and eventually the one-world peace-keeping force (world army/police).

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    Who’s is backing the removal of multiple use privileges????? By destroying logging, grazing, hunting, and various other uses according to the UNEP document called unsustainable practices both on public and alleged private lands in this country???? Remember, no allodial title here for subjects since 1783… Duh duh duh….

    Govern-mente owned property equals freedom and space?

    “Public lands equal physical freedom and space: it is democracy. And these right wingers haven’t figured this out.”—Some anonymous left winger genius

    The ultimate in ignorance.

  • TRemington

    The above piece is concise and well-written to explain the realities of possession of land privilege. Thanks

  • RattlerRider

    Divorce Feudalism Federalism Corporatism Goober-mente-ism

    1. Get out of debt, personally.

    2. Return to a sound personal debt free money management policy.

    3. Put Yeshua 1st in everything you do.

    4. Live by the moral code set forth in the WORDS of YESHUA so you DO NOT need Satan’s Federalism or the satanic gnostic elite minions to tell you what to do.

    5. Love Your MAKER above all else, materialistic and other wise and love your brothers as yourself.

    His TWO most Important LAWS.

    Say so long to the satanic gnostic Feudal Federalist HATE.

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    Albeit the corporate federalism is what it is according to the corporate international law, and the national and elements of ecclesiastical law involved in the establishment of the u.s. COTUS corporate privately owned model based on the coming together of the signatories of the agreement, statist federalist loving subjects ignore the evil misbehavior of their federalist leaders. And let me be clear, these subjects are not themselves federalists, they are subjects of federalism. They’re blind. They’re treating federalism, a corporate entity privately owned by a foreign to these lands cartel out of London and Rome, as their god. It is not a god, it is a private corporation designed by men under demonic influence. Those men and those demons are imperfect. Thus their corporation is imperfect. For any who cannot see this, understand this issue, that is not my problem that is because it is you who are falling short in the discovery process of this corporate mystery religious reality.