December 3, 2023

Federalist Feudalism Fraudulent-ism Corporatism RICO establishment-ism

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The entire Corporate Federalists Government of the Estates and that of the United States was completely set up under FRAUD. Make no mistake about what I am saying. You will not like the truth, but you are living it every day. All your life you have lived under this fraud. All the laws made are a Fraud. All Departments of so called Government operate under this Fraud. Congress and the State Legislators are operating this fraud to the hilt everyday. There is nothing you do that is not steeped in fraud. In fact you yourselves keep the Fraud on going, to the delight of the governments, when you blindly revere their constitutions, which are the Biggest Con Job of all time. You believe there is a Republic when there is none. Some believe they have a democracy when thy have none and they themselves act undemocratically. The Majority of you believe in Their corporate Admiralty Courts when the Lord Almighty admonished His followers of HIS BIBLICAL LAWS not to use these fraudulent courts. You call yourselves Citizens which is subjects thus slaves of these RICO Organizations and yet you want to be free, but under the Fraud you can’t get free. You wonder why you lose in their courts, thinking they are Your courts. You use their fraudulent laws and their con jobs that in reality do not apply to you at all. Everything is based on FRAUD, Period. Do I have a way out, you ask? Yes, but again you won’t like what I have to say, so I remain quiet, EXCEPT to say , Read Hamilton’s Federalist Paper #28 Read the Biblical book of Mathew about fifty times until you get it. Ask yourselves how can we fix this fraud by using fraudulent arguments. Ask yourself why you are protesting against the powers of a King while waving the Kings colors, Red, White and Blue? Ask yourself why the Kings COTUS destroys you yet you plead for more COTUS protection? Ask yourself why the Kings media say’s you’re crazy.. Ask yourself if it’s possible the truth of all of this exists and can be found and if you’ve actually snubbed it. If the truth which can be discovered can be helpful in these matters why don’t you help yourself rather than crippling yourselves. Why do you keep asking your sworn enemies to help you defeat them? They will never help you. And apparently you will never help yourselves because you keep asking your sworn enemies for help.