December 3, 2023

The Malhuer Man Psyop

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I’m convinced Ammon Bundy and Company are running a clever psyop . Lavoy Finicum is a hoax.

Murdered with his hands up? I don’t buy it. Charged the police saying go ahead and shoot me? I don’t buy it. Maybe if he had terminal brain or lung cancer. Otherwise he was not gunned down nor did the Malhuer man die. Do not buy this psyop crap. Do not trust the psyop styled operation by these actors. I do not accept it. Pete Santilli a wanna be Alex Jones=Bill Hicks alternative news con artist is just another gnostic asset of the FBI division five psyop gang and was “arrested” into the usual protective custody for finks.

A Fraud, this is all the way down to the fact that there was no cellular or WiFi available at the staged venue for this scam. Lavoy, an actor from Arizona where many of the Greenberg actors come from was well suited for this scam. His soft spoken cowboy demeanor was an excellent character trait for this hoax. No government video of the charge, no bloody corpse, no Malhuer Man waving his western pistol going out in a blaze of glory. Cliven Bundy your psyop gig is up.. Wake up folks it’s all been Bullshit.. Ask yourselves why Cliven Con Artist Bundy still has his cattle on the government land when he allegedly owes a million plus in back grazing fees? Wake up people. Now you know. They want to draw out a rebellion by various disgruntled groups and punish them. It flopped. It’s all theatre. The World is a Stage which has been overrun by idiots.

Signing the COSMOS with the SUN behind the Malhuer Mans Saturn head showing the colors of HIS King, Red White And Blue.. I ain’t no fool… The Malhuer man pushing international contractual myths by the authors and signatories of the COTUS..