December 3, 2023

Lawsuit Challenging Wildlife Services’ Authority to Kill Oregon Wolves

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The totalitarian group, Western Environmental Law Center, and their puppet regimes, have filed a lawsuit to end the killing of wolves in Oregon by the Federal Government’s Wildlife Services. This is but another money-making scheme promoted by totalitarians forcing the ideals onto others at great cost.

I refuse to provide any links to this story, as most of the links would take readers to the environmentalists’ propaganda page that contains idealistic, emotionally-based drivel that is heavily value-laden. In short, it is mostly all lies designed to mislead the public to justify their raping the taxpayers of their hard earned tax dollars.

Will this lying nonsense, riddled with perversion and psychopathy ever end? NOPE!

The legislature short session is in full swing and one of the topics will be a bill coming into the Ag and Natural Resources Committee that would legislatively back the ODF&W’s commission decision to delist the grey wolf according to Representative Greg Barreto: “This is just part of the process of the wolf plan that everyone agreed to ten years ago. They agreed to the numbers, they agreed to the process, they agreed to the plan as it was written.”<<<Read More>>>