October 2, 2023

USFWS Seeks Information on Human Value of Nature, Wildlife, Environment

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Abstract: Nature and the outdoors have always been an important 
part of the fabric of American life. However, there are major questions 
about the present and future role of nature and the outdoors in our 
increasingly diverse, technologically oriented, and rapidly changing 
society. For our programs to remain relevant to American life today and 
tomorrow, we must be aware of public sentiment toward the part nature 
plays in the quality of our lifestyles.
    It is for these reasons that we plan to use a quantitative survey 
to collect information on the attitudes that the public maintains 
towards the natural environment; the effects of contact with nature on 
participants' health and quality of life; the extent of contact with 
nature and obstacles to greater contact with nature; general knowledge 
of nature and wildlife; concerns toward selected environmental issues; 
and socio-demographic variables. Results will help improve the design 
and delivery of new or existing programs aimed at engaging the public 
in nature-related activities (e.g., outreach and educational 
programming at national wildlife refuges and national fish hatcheries).<<<