June 29, 2022

Super Bowl Ads Proof I’m Not Of This World

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Against my better judgement (nothing else to do) I watched Super Bowl 50. The game was boring, displaying inept players, poor sportsmanship and plays that left me scratching my head wondering which players of which teams were complicit in throwing the outcome of the game – this time it wasn’t the referees. I must also point out the unsurprising bawl-baby actions of “one” player in particular. Maybe he will grow up before “They” allow him another chance at a Super Bore appearance.

Aside from the game – and BTW I knew enough to skip the freak show at half time – as always the advertisements (those videos that appear for endless amounts of time, interrupted occasionally by a football game) were over-hyped and proved that I am definitely not of this earth. Many promoted homosexuality, either directly or indirectly, and the rest was a continued revelation of our psychotic and perverse sickness we have toward animals. Half of the ads involved animals, some in very obscene ways – all unnatural.

Being an alien of this planet, I didn’t get most of the ads and am glad for it. I have never had much of an urge to kiss a marmot, nor of falling in love with one.

I heard just prior to the game of a young child asking who was going to win the Super Bowl – the kittens or the ponies. The ponies where handed the game and now can we stop hearing about whether Manning is going to retire? Maybe the deal is if he retires, the condition being given another Super Bowl win, the NFL will drop their investigation into Manning’s use of performance enhancing drugs. I think the game was sure fire proof the man is not using performance enhancing drugs – his performance sucked!