November 29, 2023

A Criminal Background Check to Buy a Hunting License?

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Our social engineering (brainwashing) shows its very ugly head when calls go out to, once again, punish law-abiding hunters because criminals, crooks, thieves and liars, bought a hunting license, illegally.

If you read this article found in a Maine newspaper, it doesn’t take too many sentences to discover that those involved are habitual offenders, crooks, bums, thugs, killers and liars – just to mention only a few of their better traits.

And learning of these incidents, where one of the convicted felons, who cannot legally possess a firearm, was able to buy a Maine firearm hunting license, the jerks are reacting in knee-jerk form.

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) commissioner, Chandler Woodcock and Rep. Skip Herrick, R-Paris, are considering forcing anyone who purchases a hunting license to undergo a criminal background check. This is the typical idiotic, brain-dead response we are used to getting from ignorant, emotional, mental midgets who still haven’t figured out yet that punishing lawful citizens for the acts of criminals does nothing to alter the actions of the criminals.

Here we have a bunch of criminals, who probably, due to lack of good and thorough law enforcement and judicial review, remain on the street acting and behaving as criminals. At least one of the crooks cannot legally possess a firearm but is able to buy a hunting license and because he can buy a hunting license someone thinks that if Maine put license applicants through a national criminal background check, criminals wouldn’t commit more crimes.

It has been pointed out before that those who hate anybody who doesn’t think the way they do will find a way, directly or indirectly, to put a stop to that way of life. They are called totalitarians. Much like how driving the cost of ammunition to levels completely unaffordable would seriously alter a person’s right to keep and bear arms, adding the cost of a criminal background check onto the price of a hunting license, would drastically reduce the number of people wanting to go hunting, and for no good reason.

One has to wonder if punishing hunters was the first thought officials had in response to this latest incident of legal abuse. Obviously having a law to prohibits a felon from owning or possessing a firearm doesn’t have any effect on criminals. Why then would anybody think forcing hunters to undergo a background check before you can buy a license, stop a criminal from going hunting with a gun he/she cannot legally possess?

Perhaps the first thoughts should have been, why are these criminals still walking the streets? When you consider the criminal records of these loathsome outlaws, wouldn’t any problems, real or perceived, be solved by locking them up where they belong? Not in this psychopathic society that believes punishing lawful citizens is the answer.