December 3, 2022

Does Maine Deliberately Withhold Moose Harvest Data to Inflate Revenue?

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One seriously has to wonder. Regardless of how much sportsmen beg for moose, deer and bear harvest numbers – even if they were “preliminary” – we don’t get them. This leaves us with one answer, it would appear. Is it that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) intentionally withholds moose harvest data, let’s say for 2015, until after they have announced how many permits will be issued for 2016, in hopes of not discouraging hunters from applying and thus keeping up revenue?

Last year the harvest data appeared on the MDIFW website on February 4, 2015. We are now 3 weeks later than that. It must be the moose biologists are so busy collecting useless data on moose, data that won’t be used for scientific management due to caving to the demands of moose watchers, they don’t have time to get the harvest data out.

Old Hunter says:


If Maine is going to continue with “managing” moose to appease the “bread and circus” folks, maybe it’s time for an “entertainment” (circus) license requirement for the “Gawkers.” Why should my money be used for moose management, only to be continually denied hunting opportunity, so more people can sit in their cars and “watch” moose?

A Camoose or a Moosel? No doubt it would become another cash cow.