July 3, 2022

Red Wolf Panel’s Struggles Portend Problems for Species

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*Editor’s Note* – Readers should be told that the so-called “red wolf” is not a red wolf. It is a cross-bred, hybrid, wild dog and has no value as a species in need of protecting. It is a danger to the real species of wolves, to coyotes and a threat to humans and livestock.

Readers SHOULD be asking why an environmentalist from an anti human, non profit (which is a lie) organization sits on a wolf recovery panel of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service? But they won’t ask, nor will they learn because they don’t want to.

A panel convened to help chart the future of the dwindling wild population of red wolves has struggled to agree on how to move forward, with a recently departed member saying it’s a sign of the government’s failure to protect the species.

The lack of progress caused biologist Ben Prater, who works for the nonprofit group Defenders of Wildlife, to step down from the red wolf recovery team organized late last year by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The 13-member team had trouble agreeing on whether the program should be continued or abandoned, making it difficult to develop recommendations for the government, Prater said in an interview. His resignation letter was sent Tuesday.

Source: Red Wolf Panel’s Struggles Portend Problems for Species – ABC News