January 17, 2018

Cherry-Picking The Vetting

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By the way, “Vetting” is a PLANNED and CONTROLLED event! No, really!


  • RattlerRider

    Your so called corporate controlled candidates are actors in more ways than one as are the people acting out scripts while allegedly in power positions, royalty. Your “leaders” in their minds your owners already in office are really someone else. Our “great” history makers are actors. From the beginning. It is clear that the United States of America is as fake as its agencies, NASA. Countries are corporations that happen to have real estate boundaries. The people in those countries are NOT SHARE HOLDERS of the corporation but “customers” with special privileges and are also the primary wealth producers (slaves). There is no United States to “overthrow” or “plot against.” It always has been a corporation owned and operated by The Crown bankers controlled bar attorneys. There was no American “revolution” and it certainly was not “won” by a tiny colony against the world’s greatest power. Thus it does not exist and never existed except as something told to us repeatedly.